CSPortable 0.8 [Video]

Bomb (Plant/Defuse)
Weapon Drops (throw your weapon and pickup dead players weapons)
Weapon Animations
Better bots that fire weapons
Recoil effect.
New Controls
New Menus
Add new sounds
Progress bar while planting bomb
Fix Crouch
New Weapons (tmp,ump, scout)

Kill with Headshots + Sounds someone saying HEADSHOT
Bombtimer set to 30 seconds
Weapon sizes and positons are better now
Progress bar while trowing grenades
New Reload code
Bigger Player Models
If player dead lose all weapons
Added 2 Control configs
Added Model Lighting
Added New Bot

Maps Done:
De_Dust + waypoints for bot

I cleaned the sky,fixed bugs and added a visible distance
it doesn´t render the whole map from your position.
Both maps are running very fast and have lights.

Working on:
Making Waypoints for bots
Modifing bot for new weapons
Modifing bot models
making 2 bot teams
Fix Crouch
Progress bar while planting bomb

Watch Guns Video
Watch Maps Video

Thx to
UrbanKid for weapon model Animations
McCunyao for small skinned weapon models

by Steathkill
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