Conter - Strike 2D PSP
|                 |
|  CS PSP         |
|  version 1.56   |
|  by Kevin Chen  |
|  2008           |

   Remember to visit the forums (, where you can discuss anything the game, submit bug reports and suggestions, and download maps and other content made by the community.


   The online portion of this version currently only works on custom firmwares (3.xx). To install, start the CSPSP.exe and select your PSP/MEMSTICK DRIVE.


   Fixed a bug in the server list pinging code
   Map files are now deleted if the download is cancelled before completing (prevents crashes when trying to redownload the same map)
   Fixed a bug that prevented properly putting the PSP in sleep mode while the game was running
   Implemented grenades (you can only carry one grenade at a time though)
   Added the highlighted gun's image and cost to the buy menu
   Implemented a simple decal system for blood and explosion marks
   Implemented a grid partitioning system to optimize collision detection (larger, more complicated maps don't slow down as much now)
   Fixed a bug that made the remaining ammo count after reloading inaccurate
   Made the camera less jerky during variations in frames per second
   Added a map check that gives an error message when the map and the server's map don't match (this should also catch half downloaded maps that would have otherwise crashed the game)
   Fixed a bug in the knife collision check when more than two players were in contact
   Redid a lot of the bot code (they should now detect when they get stuck and try to move away)
   Implemented A* pathfinding (bots can actually find each other now instead of moving randomly)
   Made waypoints optional (bots won't move on maps without waypoints)
   Fixed a few other bugs

|-INTRO- |

   This is version 1.56 of a top down shooter based on Valve©'s Counter-Strike.

   Accurate collision detection between the player and walls (the player is represented as a circle and the walls as line segments). Note that this collision detection system is NOT tile-based and can model any polygon (including circles if you use enough line segments ). The map that I made is squarish only because I can't make maps >_>.

   Collision detection between players.

   Shooting system plus recoil with different types of guns.

   Basic team gameplay finished.

   Sound effects system.

   Infrastructure multiplayer.


   Go to OPTIONS in the main menu and then press L/R to get to the CONTROLS tab to view the controls.

   The two control styles are:

   -Absolute Mode-
      This is the default contol style. The analog stick will move your player as seen from your view. This means that UP on the analog stick will move the player directly UP, RIGHT will move him RIGHT, and so on.

   -Relative Mode-
      This is the secondary control style. Use the analog stick to control your player. As the name suggests, this mode allows relative control, meaning that UP will move the player in the DIRECTION HE IS FACING, RIGHT will move the player RIGHT OF THE DIRECTION HE IS FACING, and so on.

|-TODO- |

   Fix networking for 1.5 firmware

   Better bot state machine

   Make bots use different weapons (pistol, grenades, knife)
   Better graphics
   Optimize collision detection system more (some things could still be improved)
   Clean up map file type

   Moving geometry and entity system? (doors, buttons, etc)
   Different gameplay modes (bomb and hosties anyone?)

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